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The easiest way to hold an event without dealing with the financial burdens is to
find sponsors who are eager to contribute their resources.

Electronic Media

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In the era of tablets and smartphones, digital content is a crucial component of any effective marketing strategy.

Member magazines and journals are still the primary form of communication for most associations and societies.

Exhibit Sales

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We take your non-dues revenue personally

Event Sponsorship

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Our sales leaders use an array of proven methods to expand clients’ visibility, including shuttle bus videos, goody bag premiums, digital banners, and in-hall promotions.

Whether you are seeking print, digital, exhibit, or sponsorship revenue, Mohanna Sales Representatives (MSR) will accomplish your goals by presenting your association’s visibility opportunities to executives who control the flow of marketing dollars. Instead of conducting business
purely online and over the phone, our sales leaders meet with advertisers in person . . .