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  • Association Specialists

    Mohanna Sales Representatives (MSR) places your association's visibility opportunities in front of decision-makers who have marketing dollars. Our sales leaders do it live, and in person, with professional sales presentations. Whether it’s print, digital, exhibit or sponsorship revenue that you seek, MSR gathers the commitments and builds the outside business relationships for your non-profit organization.

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  • Print Advertising

    The heart of communication for most associations and societies still lies in their member magazines and journals. Mohanna Sales Representatives knows the art and science of magazine advertising sales as well as anyone, and we implement it better than most.

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  • Electronic Media

    To make the most of new media, you and your advertisers/sponsors need a partner who understands how it works. And how to market it to the vendors who supply your advertisers.

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  • Exhibit Sales

    Marketing today’s trade shows and annual meetings stretches far beyond the exhibit hall floor. Related advertising and sponsorships mean high, non-dues revenue for your organization and maximum value for your exhibitors, advertisers, and sponsors. Our Sales Leaders are well versed in the art of extending your clients’ visibility. Enhanced vendor presence may include digital banners, shuttle bus videos, goody bag premiums, and in-hall promotions. So your clients are seen when and where they want to be and your bottom line rises to where you want it to be. Read More

  • Event Sponsorship

    Sponsored events are usually a sure-fire cure for the physical (and fiscal) headaches that accompany high-dollar programs and high-profile celebrities. That’s why we focus on creating mutually beneficial partnerships between associations and partners who are eager to finance your events.

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Count on More Non-Dues Revenue

The more non dues revenue you generate, the more your association can do for your members. For more than forty years, Mohanna Sales Representatives has specialized in helping associations of all sizes to do just that. While your sales leader is on the road meeting face-to-face with advertisers to increase your ad revenue, the rest of the team is making sure those ads get placed in your print and digital media correctly — and that you get paid.

Ideas, Experience, and Back End Support

Moh 262

You don't just get a sales leader, you get a whole team of administrative and support people. We're here to consult with you on ideas for new sources of non dues revenue, grow your conference and event sponsorship, and even help you navigate the rapidly developing waters of the new media.

Whatever goals you have to meet, our experienced team of carefully chosen professionals will get the job done.

See what we can do for your association. Call us today at (972) 596-8777 or send us a message.